Bestway Electric has many years of experience recommending, installing and repairing a wide variety of lighting applications. We remain up to date with lighting technology and application. When you need experts in the field of lighting, we would be pleased to assist with your needs.

Interior Lighting

There are many choices of lighting for your home and a large variety of fixture types and styles. For some, making it more confusing is there are some many choices of "light bulbs". We have many years of experience retrofitting light fixtures, installing recessed or "pot lights", under cabinet lighting, security lighting for your outdoor spaces and are willing to share this wealth of knowledge with our customers. There are many factors to be considered when it comes to lighting including:

Things To Consider When It Comes To Lights

  • The cost of the fixture(s).
  • The type of lamp used, its colour rendering and its efficiency.
  • The amount of light that you are looking to get from the source.
  • Do you want to be able to dim the light?

Bestway Electric's expertise in lighting shines through. When you are in the market for new lighting, please don't hesitate to contact us.

LED lighting is efficient and the options are continuously growing. Colour of the light output, placement, number of lights can differ from "traditional" lighting. We have done many installations and can assist with your project - large or small. The new LED "pot lights" offer lighting flexibility like never before.

Landscape Lighting

The landscaping around your home, the pool and deck areas are a source of pride and look great during daylight. But do you have same level of pleasure after dark? Bestway Electric can work with you to design a landscape lighting solution that will bring your hidden beauty to light for your evening's enjoyment. There are many ways to get the perfect effect and we have the experience to help you reach your goal. Let Bestway assist you in creating the perfect atmosphere that will automatically enhance your pleasure.



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